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Realm Royale is an online action game that belongs to the Battle Royale category. The game is a spin-off of the popular Paladins: Champions of the Realm and uses a free-to-play model with microtransactions. The project was developed by the Hi-Rez Studios team, which is also known for such games as Global Agenda, Smite and Tribes: Ascend. The game is intended for multiplayer games only. As with other battle royale productions, the player can play alone or in pairs, or invite three friends and play a match in teams of four. The game continues until only the winner or the winning team remains on the map. In keeping with the standards of the genre, over time, more and more areas of the map will be overrun by a deadly mist that gradually narrows the battlefield and causes collisions. This keeps the pace of the game high until the end of the battle, and there are no situations when a handful of survivors roam the vast spaces in search of enemies. In Realm Royale, players can choose between five character classes with unique abilities. Warriors use potions. Mages can fly through the air and throw fireballs. Of course, archers use bows, and pioneers build towers and help each other with shields. Assassins, on the other hand, prefer quick surprise attacks. The combat mechanics are 100% arcade-like, and the wide range of skills and equipment makes the fights very diverse. Throughout the game, players can collect weapons, armor, and abilities. In addition, we can create legendary weapons in special forges. However, this is not easy, as it requires the collection of a large amount of resources, and the manufacturing process itself takes a long time, leaving us vulnerable to enemy attacks. The advantage of Realm Royale is the variety of locations. Among other things, we fight in jungles and deserts, in dense forests and frozen wastelands. The player does not need to explore all these locations on foot. It is also possible to summon a mount. Real Royale features beautiful, heavily cartoon-style 3D graphics full of bright colors and slightly cartoonish character designs. Just two or three years ago, few people had heard of battle royale games. We had Minecraft and Army mods that were popular but still niche. DayZ: Battle Royale developer Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Green was later hired by Sony Online Entertainment. H1Z1: King of the Kill appeared on Steam, but it is no longer available. In March 2017, this production exceeded the 100,000 concurrent player limit. But it wasn't. We only heard a real boom with PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. The game debuted in March 2017, at the height of H1Z1's glory...and quickly outpaced its rival. At its peak in September, the meter was already showing over 1.5 million people playing at the same time, and it's not over yet. When it seemed impossible to imagine more success, Fortnite: Battle Royale came along and raised the bar even higher. No one has jumped so high on it yet. But what about the creators of Smite, Hi-Rez studio? They wouldn't be themselves if they didn't decide to cut themselves a piece of that pie too. They started by default. First, they announced that their Paladins: Champions of the Realm will have an additional battle royale mode. After a while, they decided that Paladins: Battlegrounds would be perfect as a standalone game, but the game is still available in the same launcher. As a result, we got a completely separate production with a different name - Realm Royale. Realm Royale offers many new features without departing from the genre's premise. We still have a hundred men on an increasingly limited battlefield. The last player standing wins, and in order to survive, you must roam the map looking for weapons and other equipment. However, Hi-Rez managed to diversify and expand this simple scheme a little. Let's start with the fact that the game offers character classification. We have five of them (in the future there will be more): a warrior, a pioneer, an assassin, a magician and a hunter. Each of them has a passive ability, a starting ability, a legendary weapon, and a set of spells. We start with one passive spell and one movement spell. The rest you need to get and assign the weapon to a specific class. You read that right: create. Hi-Rez made needlework fun! We can break useless items into fragments and then reforge them into something special. We can choose from a series of potions that replenish hit points, or from a shield, legendary armor, class ability, or the aforementioned weapon. We produce new equipment in forges all over the map. However, two things should be noted. First of all, it's a slow process (it takes a full minute, but in the reality of a battle royale, it's an eternity). Secondly, this activity is noisy. This allows nearby players to know that someone is using the forge and react.